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2014: 50 movies + 50 books

5 months since my last posting. I almost feel ashamed for myself. I couldn’t even login on the first attempt! Towards the end of last year I stumbled upon a thing called “2014: 50 movies + 50 books”. The objective is to expand one’s cultural horizons and watch, you might guess it, 50 movies and read 50 books within one year. Unseen and unread stuff only of course. I really thought I could do that and decided to particpate.

The disillusionment hit me really quick. Buying a book on a weekly schedule is not only expensive money-wise. It is highly time-consuming as well. I am working full time and have to run a household on my own. During the week I am happy to get some rest when the daily shit is done and I am allowed to turn my brain off. :D

Right now we are in week number 5 and all I can say is I’ve read one and a half books. And the first one wasn’t even new to me. The movie part is easier. I watched 7 movies this year. That’s good, right? I am on target!

From now on, I’ll try to write down my proceedings in form of (really) short reviews. If there’s one thing I really liked I will most likely write a full-length article about it. Okay?

Here we go:

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